Namespace: Loader

SQR. Loader

Utility to load different types of files (and also some WebRTC related stuff, see below)


(static) load()

Load a text file and return it's contents in the callback.

(static) loadAssets(paths, callback, progressCallback)

Load multiple assets of type:
  • text, including GLSL code
  • JSON, including model, geometry, scene. etc...
  • image (jpg, gif, png), video (mp4, webm)
  • webcam (it will initiate the webcam, ask user for permisions, and return a ready to use stream)
Each file will be availabke from the asset object passed to the callback under it's name, ex. assets['normal2color.glsl'] It's also possible ot specify an alias. Instead of a String, use an Array, where [0] is the path, and [1] is the alias.
Name Type Description
paths object list of file paths (with optinal aliases) to load, as in example below.
callback function called when all the files are loaded. The assets are passed as argument as in the example below.
progressCallback function called each time when on of the files is loaded
	['some-image.jpg', 'image'],
	['some-video.mp4', 'video'],
	['a-shader.glsl', 'shader'],
	'webcam' // special case, but useful :)
], function(assets) {
	var image = assets['image'];


(static) loadImage()

Load an image file and return it's contents in the callback as Image object.

(static) loadJSON()

Load a JSON file and return it's contents in the callback. This function will parse the JSON data for you and return an Object.

(static) loadVideo()

Preload a video so that it can be used as a texture (typically)

(static) loadWebcam()

Initiate user stream (webcam).